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The Alexander restaurant’s story begins in 1924 when, in the borough of San Rocco (in the so-called “Bassa del Pignataro” – the Pignataro Plain) after its conversion from the former “Trattoria dell’Allegria” restaurant to the Eden Cinema Theatre. It was a place of well-balanced architecture, in perfect liberty style, with theatre wings which even permitted variety shows to be performed.
In 1929 the ownership of the cinema changed hands and was purchased by Gaetano Gualtiero Fuschini, an entrepreneur from Ravenna. He made it into one of the city’s most frequented places to watch both films and plays.
In 1936 the cinema was then named the Savoia.
In 1945, straight after the second world war, its name was changed to Astra, and it remained unchanged for almost half a century: reruns were shown at low prices.
In 1966 the cinema was put up for sale and purchased by Sagis an important Bologna-based company, and it became a district cinema which felt the effects of the advent of television, so much so that in the last few years of business it was frequented by spectators who preferred movies of a more explicit nature.
In 2000 it became a cinema d'essai and under its last name, the Alexander, it closed down in 2004.
In 2006 it was converted into the “Ristorante Cinema Alexander” by its current owners: an atmosphere brimming with authentic Liberty spirit.
Via Bassa del Pignataro 8 - Ravenna - tel: 0544.212967 - info@ristorantealexander.it - P.IVA 002237950965