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The atmosphere is as sophisticated as an old 40’s black and white movie, but at the same time, as inviting, creative and warm as a contemporary New York restaurant.
The cuisine, with meat and fish specialities, is characterised by a tradition which has been reinterpreted in an exquisitely creative manner. In addition to the air-conditioned interiors, in summertime one can dine on the outside terrace.
The Owner, Sante Milandri has been a restaurant owner since 1982. In 1998 he left “Bistrot Clardge” in Cesenatico (one of the first restaurants on the Riviera to focus on a refined clientele, as well as a younger one) and he moved to Ravenna where he set up the Spasso Bistro.
The interior designer and co-owner of the Alexander restaurant carried out the refurbishment work in full respect of the history of the building. The first reports dating back to 1840 when it was used as a residence and later like restaurant.
The seating capacity is sixty in what was once the stalls and a further forty seats are available in the circle.
Via Bassa del Pignataro 8 - Ravenna - tel: 0544.212967 - info@ristorantealexander.it - P.IVA 002237950965